Estate Planning



Estate Planning is a process with the goal of developing a plan to distribute your assets before and after your death.  It includes planning for your retirement, for the possibility of disability, and for death.



You Have Worked Hard

You have worked hard in your life to gather wealth.  Our firm is dedicated to assisting you in deciding how to disperse your wealth during your lifetime and after.  When you make decisions for your estate plan you will consider important family, legal, and financial issues.  Estate planning may involve the services of a variety of professionals, including your lawyer, accountant, financial planner, life insurance advisor, banker and broker.  Many people are attracted to seemingly cheap and easy on-line solutions to their eestate planning problems.  they succumb to the self help or self taught methods.  I can go to the hardware store and buy a kit to build a deck.  When I walk out on the deck it will be obvious if I have built it correctly.  With on-line trust services or estate planning software you may or not know if something is incorrect until it is to late.  Worse yet, you may not be around when the problem is discovered.  By then, it may be difficult and expensive for the administrator of your estate to make the corrections.  Why not take a minute right now to see how The Foust Law Firm can help your today?  Whether you're just doing a little research or ready to take the next step, our firm will help you get started.

Take a short quiz below.  If you answer NO to any of the questions please consider giving us a call.

  1. Do you have current and signed wills?
  2. Have you discussed estate plans with your family?
  3. Have your reviewed the ownership of your assets?
  4. Have you reviewed your life insurance needs?
  5. Do you have a retirement plan?
  6. Can your estate pay the bills and provide adequately for your family?
  7. Do you know how much you will receive in Social Security payments?
  8. Have you designated anyone to handle your affairs if you are no longer capable?
  9. Have you made arrangements for your long-term care, or of your elderly dependents?
  10. Have you taken steps to reduce income taxes now, and death taxes on your estate?
  11. If you own a business, have you planned for its future?
  12. Have you reviewed your beneficiary designations?

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